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People can be the biggest asset to an organisation and when performing effectively and fully engaged can really differentiate a business from its competitors. We really take the time to get to know individual businesses and the stakeholders of any project to ensure that the proposed solution is effective and fit for purpose. There is rarely a single approach for any circumstance, and what is successful in one business may not necessarily be in another. We work with clients to understand their culture and objectives and offer a range of approaches.


All businesses face constant pressure to respond to increasingly diverse operating environments and competition. We understand that often organisational development and human resources projects or issues sit outside the day to day priorities. We work with our clients to ensure that there is minimum disruption to core business operations and ensure that we take a flexible approach to delivery. We can be flexible in terms of the hours and locations we work, the level of support required and method of delivery. We also have a flexible costing model; depending on the situation and client requirements we can work on a retained basis, day rate, project rate or an hourly rate.


Maximising the effectiveness of your people can really add value to your business. We like projects and working with clients where there is a genuine business requirement and we are able to measure our success. We can demonstrate the value our projects add through metrics such as absence rates, employee turnover, feedback forms and surveys.


With many years’ experience both of hands on leadership and management, being part of and supporting executive level teams, we also have academic track records and commitment to our own lifelong learning to bring to clients. In 2018 Alison was nominated by the CIPD for excellence in the psychology of organisational development.