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Client Testimonials

Alison has been working with us on our people processes and culture as we scale the business. Her initial assessment of the business was spot on and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. She also has a way of making everything feel achievable.

Michael Walker Managing Director, Reading Solutions UK Limited

Whatever issue we have, Alison always gets to the heart of the matter and has all the right words. She offers support beyond our HR requirements and coaches us on all aspects of leading a business, encouraging us to consider things differently.

Susan Liew Partner, Collingwood Immigration Services LLP

Alison has been the extra pair of hands I've needed for years! It's great to have someone with different HR experience to me to bounce ideas off. We agreed where, when and how she'd help and we've stuck to that agreement and I can't wait to work together for longer.

Vikki-Marie Tweddell Avid Technology Limited

In a word, Alison has been 'amazing'. I couldn't recommend her more. Whilst we as a team didn't have any major issues, I just felt that a bit of realignment and greater self-awareness would be really beneficial to us and wow did I underestimate the impact. We had our first session and I was blown away at what I learnt about myself and others around me and a little shocked that I hadn't spotted some bits as well. Everybody cannot stop talking about her work.

Graeme Tennick Founder, Graeme Tennick & Co Accountants

"Alison understands how people at work tick and knows that to make money everyone’s got to pull together as a team. She can balance the needs of management with those of employees, and has the knowledge, skills and confidence to address the differences. We worked together on every aspect of HR, including employee relations, training, apprenticeships, pay deals, managing difficult people, recruitment, redundancies and trade union recognition. She also supported the group’s M&A and restructuring activities, and played a key role in relocating its operations to Armstrong Works. Alison was one of my best appointments and I wish her every success."

Roger Anderton Former COO, Reece Group

"Alison has extensive knowledge of HR and OD which she applies in a realistic way. She always comes up with solutions that take everything into account for the situation rather than rely on things that have worked in other circumstances. Her enthusiasm can bring people along and keep them going when things don’t go to plan and she’s quick to respond to unexpected obstacles."

Graeme Cook Managing Director, Avid Technology Limited

"Alison has provided invaluable round the clock HR support to me and my team for a number of years. I have no hesitation in recommending Alison to work with any business."

Dominic Gardner Managing Director, Velocity UK