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    There have been problems with mixed messages from our leaders during the whole pandemic.   From U-turns to blatant rule breaks, their actions haven’t matched their words.   This quick article looks at some of these mixed messages and highlights how you, a business owner, can avoid their mistakes when managing your own team.   Let’s get started.   ‘Freedom day’ If Freedom Day

    April 12th.   The day the ‘world started getting back to normal’.   The day you’d been waiting for. To get a haircut, go to IKEA, go to the gym, and the pub.   The start of the road to recovery. Socially, mentally, physically, and economically.   This quick article looks at the psychology of group behaviour, what that means for your team

Your business’s Organisational Development (OD) is a system. Winning and maintaining success take the effort of your whole organisation.   Despite this, when things aren’t going to plan, so many business owners think there’s a magic wand that’ll solve all their problems.   They know there’s more than one problem, yet still expect there to be one ‘fix’.   This isn’t

It’s September 2019. Graeme Tennick, CEO of Tennick Accountants based in Newcastle upon Tyne, calls me after hearing about how a Manchester-based accountancy firm used a personality assessment tool so effectively they’d noticed measurable results. Keen to see if I could help with something similar, we put a plan in motion that would see his team